© Jocelyn Michel
© Jocelyn Michel

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Dana Michel, artiste associée de l’Usine C de 2015-2018 qui présente en octobre CUTLASS SPRING, a obtenu le ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art 2019 le 14 septembre dernier. Elle est la 6e gagnante de ce prix prestigieux remis à Kuopio en Finlande.

Parmi les autres nominé.e.s, se trouvaient Cuqui Jerez (ES), Mammalian Diving Reflex (CA) et Keijaun Thomas (É-U).

Toutes nos félicitations !

Un mot du jury :

Constant Surprises – intimacies and small gestures. Strength and physical ability, resisting presumptions and testing suppositions.  Dana Michel makes work in order to see better and know better.  She explores an archive enlivened through performance.  Lifetimes of experience animated.  Interiorities.  Intuitive making with objects that become … Free!  A remarkable poetics of movement and imagery, bound up in an ethically-engaged approach to making and sharing. Modest and accurate, measured and structured.  A faltering stagger reminds us to keep moving.  A dreamlike character  –  charismatic and absurdist.  We commend this clarity of performance, engaged in identity … dreamlike and touching in its way. A powerful presence of a female body.

We commend your vision and your creative path towards remarkable, unexpected images.  Striking, clear images that arrive and disperse unexpectedly.  Multitudes of memories wrapped into live art.  Everything here matters, everything sounds, everything vibrates into our shared experience.